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Our purpose is not only to provide you access to excellent personal insurance coverage and world-class customer service, but to bring you safety information that you can use as well.

Safer Times NewsletterThe articles below provide useful Safety Information on topics you care about.
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Safer Times, Volume 18 Number 2

  • Flooding is the nation's #1 natural disaster
  • Stay safe after a flood
  • Turn Around Don't Drown™

Safer Times, Volume 18 Number 1

  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Shopping for a safer car
  • Keeping kids safe from falls

Safer Times, Volume 17 Number 4

  • Don't be a statistic
  • Minimize your risks
  • Responsible driving habits
  • Beat the odds - Avoid these behaviors

Safer Times, Volume 17 Number 3

  • Keep on rollin'
  • Double check before you walk out that door!
  • Protecting your car's precious cargo during the dog days of summer
  • Grilling safety

Safer Times, Volume 17 Number 2

  • How not to lose everything in a disaster
  • A kit for any emergency
  • Safeguard your financial data
  • How safe is your teen driver?

Safer Times, Volume 17 Number 1

  • What’s your stuff worth?
  • Steps to better protect your children in your vehicle
  • ICE could save your life
  • Hurricane damaged cars flood the market

Safer Times, Volume 16 Number 3

  • Driving More Efficiently
  • MPG - Who's Rated the Best
  • Gasoline Prices Today
  • Back to the Future With Super High-Tech Safety Gadgets

Safer Times, Volume 16 Number 2

  • Identity Theft: What it is and how it happens
  • ID Theft Facts
  • Kemper Select Offers ID Theft Protection
  • Steps to Take if You're a Victim
  • Trends in Safety Belt Use

Safer Times, Volume 16 Number 1

  • Weather-Taming Driving Tips
  • Insurance Lingo
  • Hiring a Contractor
  • Skid-vice

Safer Times, Volume 15 Number 3

  • Arrive Alive - Avoid Commute Traumas
  • Safer Times Tipoids
  • Termite Trouble
  • Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Helpful Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site contains useful information on child restraints, safe driving practices, and more.
National Highway Traffic Safety

What does flood insurance cover? How do you get it? Go to the National Flood Insurance Program for details.
National Flood Insurance Program

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